08 August 2009

One Down....

Yesterday marked the first of three hurdles I must accomplish over both this week and next: I held a total of four training sessions at work for a team website I created. As an introvert, I *hate* speaking in front of people - my insides get all twisted into knots, my tongue tries to stick itself to the roof of my get the picture.

But I made certain to be prepared. I had my presentation written out on a series of color-coded 4x6 index cards, I had handouts, and I had even created a fun, introductory video with Windows Movie Maker. To my shock and pleasure, everyone *loved* the video! And apparently the presentation itself wasn't too shabby, either - all my supervisors had nothing but complimentary things to say, as did my peers.


Now for the other two hurdles: I have to get through the next week, which means five days of training on a new software package for a special project at work, capped off by my professional certification exam on Friday afternoon.

By this time next Saturday, I hope to be feeling none of the stress currently plaguing me. In fact, I hope to be sleeping off a night of celebratory carousing.

Only time will tell.

For now, though, I'd better go study. More later.


Nancy J. Parra said...

*hugs*, congrats on the great presentation! and good luck this week on your test! I'm pulling for you.