29 July 2009

Update to WTF

I don't want to reveal too much in such a public forum, but suffice to say that we must be under the Chinese curse of "may you live in interesting times."

28 July 2009


DH just called. The convo was tortuously brief:

DH: Oh. You're home.

Me: Yep. Just got here. What's up?

DH (in a low voice): Um...I'll have to tell you later.

WTF?! He was going to talk to the answering machine, but can't talk to me? Or doesn't want to talk to me....

All of a sudden I have a hideous lump in the pit of my stomach. Send good vibes my way - I have a feeling I might need them.

23 July 2009


Well, with all the stress and lack of sleep, combined with poor nutritional choices, I worked myself into a migraine yesterday. It was a really weird, kind of out-of-body experience...except for the pain, that is.

I left work early, and after a rather harrowing drive home, settled down with some Excedrin Migraine, benadryl, and a cold gel mask topped with my silk sleep mask. After several hours of unconsciousness, I was feeling much more like myself. And, when DH came home, I could tell he was feeling much more like himself, too - he's free of Amityville Manor, and the crooked bureaucrats who run it.

This morning is almost surreal: no, my migraine didn't return. DH isn't walking around like a man on death row, and I'm (almost) pain free.

Wow. What a difference a day makes.

22 July 2009

Today's the Day

Today my husband makes good his escape. And he reports, to my great amusement, that Wolfram & Hart is giving him an exit interview, and that his NP supervisor has given him a "script" to spoon-feed to his interviewer.

Anyone else see anything wrong with this?

At any rate, he's torn between following the script and telling this corporate interviewer what really happened. I told him not to expect any approval for telling the truth; from everything I've seen, this company is a legend in its own garage. They don't want to hear the truth; their version of reality has no basis in fact, only in spin. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him think.

I'm so glad he's finally getting out of that toxic environment. Now, maybe both of us can relax a bit, and shed the horrendous headaches that have dogged us both for the past few days...weeks...even months.

Here's hoping....

21 July 2009


As you may have gathered from my previous posts, my DH has only a matter of days (well, less than a day, now) until he escapes from Amityville Manor. His former employers are doing all they can to make him not regret leaving: the euphemistically termed "management" is ignoring him, or worse, making snide comments within his hearing (but not to his face); his nemeses in the Therapy and Nutrition departments have not only been snide, but have openly tried to pick fights with him; and, to cap it all off, yesterday he was urinated upon by a resident.

Needless to say, the poor man is stressed nearly to the breaking point. He doesn't eat, and can't sleep - last night we stayed up most of the night talking as we laid next to each other in bed. He knows he can't stay, but at the same time, can't help but worry that something about his new position will be seriously flawed. Mind you, he's had no indication of this in the interactions he's had so far with his new bosses, but he's been conditioned to believe that he will never have a good place to work.

I'm so worried for him. I've never seen him like this before. And, in the meantime, neither of us are getting any sleep.

I'm still praying to the PTB that his new job is everything he's been promised it will be. If it's not...I'm not sure what will happen.

18 July 2009

Validation...I Hope.

I am a firm believer in karma: what goes around, comes around, for good or bad. As a corollary, I like to believe that good things will eventually come to good, loyal, honest folk. Of course, in the real world, that isn't always the case, much to my frustration. Good people get screwed over all the time, and it sucks. But every once in a while, something happens to give me hope.

Case in point: my DH works for the Wolfram & Hart of the geriatric healthcare world. (All you "Angel" fans know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't, check out the Wikipedia entry.) They appear benevolent on the exterior, but in reality they're a cold, soulless, bureaucratic Goliath bent on stomping into a fine powder any who get in their way or, heaven forbid, don't toe the party line.

This company - and its building management - think it's perfectly acceptable to let nursing aides get away with not completing the doctor's or nurse practitioner's orders, to not check patients' dressings (thereby worsening said patients' conditions), and generally be lazy, insolent, do-nothing fucktards.

My DH tried to change this, only to get smacked down. He has *never* had the backing of his building's management "team," receiving instead nothing but attitude, stupidity, and cowardice.

Not any more.

As of this coming Wednesday, he's escaping the clutches of Wolfram & Hart for private practice. Naturally, he's worried; up until now, his NP career has involved working entirely for soulless, money-grubbing, backstabbing "healthcare" corporations. Will private practice be any different? Will he remember how to do ambulatory care after ten months in hell? Will he get along with his practice partners?

I desperately hope the answer to all the above is a resounding YES. My DH is a loyal, honest, and deeply ethical individual, and these traits extend to his medical practice. He's a good person; he deserves to have something good happen to him, especially after all the shit he's had to endure for the last ten months.

I pray to the PTB that this time, he's finally found a place worthy of him.

01 July 2009


This morning, in a moment of horrendous clarity, I realized that I've been blogging at work (yes, my company lets me do that) more than I have here.

Mea culpa!

I don't have much to report, anyway - DH is still stressed at work (because his "managers" can't manage their way out of a wet paper bag), our basement still tends to leak (which is less traumatic now that we have two industrial-strength blowers), and I still like my job.

I had my mid-year review yesterday, and it went really well. Basically, my manager is thrilled with what I've accomplished so far this year, and can't wait to see what I do in the next 6 months. Frankly, neither can I - I've been doing my best duck imitation (tranquil on the surface, paddling like hell underneath) for all my projects, which are somehow getting done. At the beginning of the year, two of my upper-level managers wondered if my proposed goals would be enough of a challenge. I can now say with absolute certainty: they are!

In fact, it's getting to the point where I'd just like to take a day off to try to catch my breath. I don't have any vacation coming up until fall, and the prospect of continuing at this pace without a break makes me cringe.

On top of it all, I have an idea for a story that's consuming me, AND I have a professional certification test to study for.

Now that I think about it...sheesh! No wonder I'm tired! So please forgive my sporadic posts. I'm just a little...overwhelmed right about now. But fear not, I haven't forgotten about you, dear readers, so stay tuned!