29 August 2009


Ah, my favorite word.


**(Warning: rant ahead)**

This past week at work my department met to discuss the results of a "Workplace of Choice" survey we completed several months ago. When the questions pertaining to opportunities for advancement and promotion came up, the majority of my fellows were pessimistic about both. When I disagreed, two of the more vocal naysayers started throwing around the word "favoritism." Neither of them, of course, looked me in the eye when they said it, but it was pretty obvious they were referring to me.

I tried not to let it get to me, but like a thorn it wriggled its way under my skin. I work my ass off - and I'm proud of that fact. I'm always looking for new ways to do things and new ways to prove myself. And when I'm given a new project, I do my utmost to produce the best possible results. I'm proud of the work I do, which is why it irks me to no end that my co-workers think so little of me, that they believe my success comes not from my own skills and drive, but from the caprice of management - whom they also don't seem to hold in very high esteem.

Well, here's a news flash, you azzhats - how 'bout you get off your dead asses and start communicating with management instead of expecting them to come to you? How 'bout you ASK how you can help? How 'bout you quit whining and DO something, for fuck's sake?!


Fortunately, my supervisors know the score when it comes to the use of this word - that most people who choose to sling it around are those who have the most entitlement issues, and who, at heart, don't really want to go above and beyond - they want the perks without having to do the work.

Yeah, I know these folks are green-eyed with envy, and right now I don't give a flying rodent's patoot for their pweshus widdle hurt feewings. They don't like me for being smart and ambitious? Tough. If they want change, they need to look to themselves instead of shooting off their mouths.



15 August 2009

Week From Hell - It's Over!

This past week was a real doozy. I was put on a big project at work at the last minute, which necessitated travel to northern Milwaukee for training every day this week.

And, of course, there was still the matter of my professional certification exam.

Since I didn't want to miss any training to take my exam, I rescheduled the test for this morning at 9:00 AM. At the very least, I figured it would give me a few more hours of study time.

Now, training involved being up at 5 AM, meeting my co-workers at a Park-n-Ride at 7:30, traveling 45 minutes to an hour north (navigating rush-hour traffic all the way), training in a new software suite for 7-8 hours, then driving 45 minutes to an hour home. I would study on the ride to/from the training site, and when I got home, I would study for another hour after supper.

Needless to say, I was stressed out of my gourd.

Fast forward to this morning...I actually got to sleep in until 6:30. (You know you lead a sad life when 6:30 is sleeping in!) Then I got up, showered, dressed, had breakfast, and went over my acronym flashcards one more time. I traveled down to the test center (which was located in a privately-owned hangar at the Kenosha Airport), sat in a stuffy closet equipped with three computer carrels, completed the 120 test questions (most of which I knew the answers to), then tried not to sweat profusely as the proctor/hangar owner printed out my scores. 75% is a passing grade for this exam, which is known to be so tough that few people pass it the first time around.



I didn't score any lower than 81% in any category on the test. I stared at the exam results sheet; I admit it took a moment for my adrenaline-fogged brain to comprehend the fact that my week of hell was over, and that I'd passed my dreaded exam. Passed with flying colors, no less! The folks in the hangar office were quite amused by my ensuing happy dance.

OMG. All I want to do now is nap. Nap, and do my nails. I'll celebrate tomorrow, when I'm not 1) fluttering, or 2) exhausted.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with me! **Smooches** to all!

08 August 2009

One Down....

Yesterday marked the first of three hurdles I must accomplish over both this week and next: I held a total of four training sessions at work for a team website I created. As an introvert, I *hate* speaking in front of people - my insides get all twisted into knots, my tongue tries to stick itself to the roof of my get the picture.

But I made certain to be prepared. I had my presentation written out on a series of color-coded 4x6 index cards, I had handouts, and I had even created a fun, introductory video with Windows Movie Maker. To my shock and pleasure, everyone *loved* the video! And apparently the presentation itself wasn't too shabby, either - all my supervisors had nothing but complimentary things to say, as did my peers.


Now for the other two hurdles: I have to get through the next week, which means five days of training on a new software package for a special project at work, capped off by my professional certification exam on Friday afternoon.

By this time next Saturday, I hope to be feeling none of the stress currently plaguing me. In fact, I hope to be sleeping off a night of celebratory carousing.

Only time will tell.

For now, though, I'd better go study. More later.