26 November 2009

Let the Games Begin.

I knew this would happen. Therefore, you'd think I would have been more prepared for the backlash of jealousy that accompanied the announcement of my promotion at work. So far it's been snarky comments ("Two promotions in a year? What's your secret?") and sullen, resentful silences accompanied by dagger glares.

On the other hand, there was also an outpouring of congratulations. Ya know, on second thought, I would really prefer to focus on that right now, instead of my insecurities. Already my self-doubt has begun to sabotage me on this project, and I don't want to give it any more ammunition.

Happy holidays, everyone.

20 November 2009


Those of you who follow my writings here know what emotional hell I've been through over the past couple of months. During this time, I've been trying my hardest not to let any of this personal angst spill over and affect my professional performance. Until yesterday, I thought I'd been losing that battle.

Yesterday morning I had my regular monthly meeting with my two supervisors. The purpose of this meeting is for associates to bring their managers up to date with what's happening in their jobs, mention any pain points, and talk about potential solutions. It's also a time used for reviewing performance goals and what strides associates have made toward completing them.

During my meeting, I admitted my recent troubles to my supervisors (without going into too much detail) and confessed my concerns about my performance. They reassured me that they thought I was doing a great job.

So great, in fact, that they PROMOTED ME! AGAIN!!!

As of Monday, my job title includes the word "Senior," and comes with a 6% pay increase.


I tell you, it was one heckuva shot in the arm - and a much-needed one, at that. Nice to know I don't totally suck as a person, no matter what others might think.

15 November 2009


After much angst and mental hand-wringing, I finally got in touch with my father last week. According to him, neither he nor my mother had the faintest clue as to why DH and I left their home in high dudgeon during our "vacation." Truth be told, with his poor hearing (he wears hearing aids in both ears), I don't think my dad heard much of what went on. When I explained it to him, he was devastated.

Then he asked what he and my mother could do to make things right, and I told him: a complete and unconditional apology from my mother for insulting me, and for insulting my husband.

Now, for an apology to mean anything, it must meet the following criteria:

definition of apology / definition of apologize
by J. E. Brown

To make an apology: In interpersonal manners, an acceptance of responsibility for a wrong, plus a pledge to change one's ways. The wrong may be either intentional or accidental; an apology is fitting in either case. The apology is usually made to the person or persons wronged, but may also be made to any third party to whom the wrongful act was evidence of untrustworthiness. The purpose of an apology is to put the listener at ease regarding the trustworthiness of the apologizing party.

An apology is not complete if it does not reflect all four of these:
• regret,
• understanding of the problem,
• acceptance of responsibility, and
• willingness to do better.

These are the necessary ingredients of a strong and reliable behavioral curb, a self-imposed restriction which the offender agrees to live by. It's your best guarantee and assurance that the behavior will not happen again (in fact, that's the whole purpose of an apology). If you don't hear all of the above elements in the apology, ask for them. If the offender resists, be skeptical.

Fast forward to yesterday. My father calls me. My mother gets on the phone, and says, "I'm sorry for anything I've done to cause you pain." Then, in a very snarky tone, says, "Well, I'll get off the phone now. I'm sure you'll be more comfortable that way."


What she said had none of the above qualities, making it a non-apology. To tell you the truth, I expected nothing less from her.

In other words, nothing has changed. My father is still desperately trying to get me to play happy families and sweep what happened under the rug, while my mother is still too busy being right to care that she's alienated her child.

Whatever. I'm glad Dad and I are still able to talk. Salvaging a relationship with him is the best I had hoped for. My mother, however, is a lost cause. There will be no more weekly phone calls, no more visits. And standing up to a narcissist (my mother) means that I will be vilified by her to the rest of the family, her friends, and everyone else they know so she can pay the poor, long-suffering victim and get everyone's sympathy.

I'm feeling strangely detached about the whole mess. I suppose that's a good thing?

07 November 2009

Oy. What a week!

I'm not sure how it got to be Saturday. Last time I looked, it was Monday...wasn't it?

This week at work we started parallel testing for the big project I'm working on. Talk about stress! Long hours, overtime, things going wrong, things going right, things going wrong again...oy.

I am, however, very glad to find it's Saturday. I can stay in my jammies, give lap time to my kitty, Princess Tortuga, read, write - in short, do anything my little heart desires.

And tomorrow, I get to meet up with my lovely and fabulous wellness-challenged writers.

I love weekends.