17 June 2009

On the Bright Side

Lest you, my dear readers, begin to think I'm a complete downer, I've decided to post today about things that are going *right* in my life.

1) I'm about to celebrate my 4th wedding anniversary with a wonderful, wonderful man.

2) I love my job. (Really! I do!)

3) I have some of the best friends in the world, who happen to be some of the best writers in the world (IMNSHO).

4) I have a cute, cuddly (if neurotic) rescue kitty who adores me, and vice versa.

5) After a gray, gloomy, miserable start to the day, it's now bright, cool, and sunny. Beautiful.

What about you? What are the bright spots in *your* life?

13 June 2009

So Tired of People

Thing1 and Thing2 are still at it at work. I've been trying to detach, trying to remember my Zen precepts, and it's exhausting. Especially when Thing1 makes a point to snub me when we're the only people in the room, but gets all fakey sweet in the presence of witnesses.

Thing2 isn't acknowledging me at all, won't even look at me, which is fine. The farther away she keeps her hygienically-challenged self from me, the better.

The clandestine, whispered bitchfests, however, continue.


When will these people learn to grow up?

05 June 2009

Buddha's Wisdom Strikes Again

I get along with most everyone at my place of work, with the notable exception of two women. One, a 20-something-year veteran of the company, thinks she's a manager (she isn't). As a result, she tries to girl-bully people into doing what she thinks they should be doing. If they don't, she gets pissy and snipes at them behind their backs, while giving them a fake, sweet smile to their faces. It's gotten so bad I've nicknamed her Janus, after the two-faced Roman god.

The other woman I've mentioned here before: the mousy, insecure, passive/aggressive socially inept yotch who desperately tries to prove herself the brightest kid in class (and falls desperately short).

This past week, while DH was away, things came to a head with both of these creatures. It was so bad I had to ask two of my managers for help - which, fortunately, I received. I was still horribly torqued off, and ranted last night to my husband, getting more and more upset as I relived the wrongs done to me.

My husband, without missing a beat, turned to me and said, "What is the primary tenet of Buddhism?"

To which I automatically replied, "Resistance to what exists is the cause of all suffering."

Ding-ding-ding! Gazillion-watt lightbulb goes on!

I slap my forehead in an utter "D'oh!" moment. I was giving those yotches so much power over me that I was making myself miserable. These women are who they are, and no matter how much I protest and gnash my teeth, I cannot change them. I can only acknowledge what they are, accept their existence, and refuse to let them affect me so greatly.

Buddha was a gentle teacher. His teachings, however, sometimes require application with a clue-by-four.


04 June 2009

He's Back

He's home. I'm happy. The cat's happy. (She crawled under the covers with us last night and purred so loudly it woke up both DH and me - no mean feat, considering I wear earplugs to bed!)

All's right with the world this morning.

*happy sigh*

03 June 2009


My DH is out of town on business; he left early yesterday morning, and will be back tonight.

Good thing - I never sleep well when he's gone. Last night, despite sleeping next to a body pillow, I tossed and turned. Woke up this morning feeling hung over. I'm on my second cup of tea, and I'm *still* groggy.

Can't wait till he gets back. Neither can the cat - she's been pacing around the house like she's looking for something/someone, meowling all the way. I tried brushing her, playing with her, and offering her treats, but she's having none of it.

Come home soon, honey. We miss you.