14 January 2009

Birthday Suit

Does it mean I'm getting old if I prefer all-encompassing fleece over skimpy lingerie? Or does it simply mean I live in a place that's currently colder than a brass monkey's you-know-whats?

Allow me to explain:

My 42nd birthday is rapidly approaching. To celebrate the occasion, my husband got me a second fleece onesie. Unlike the one he got me for Christmas, which is a semi-butch skull print, this one is pink with mulberry-colored paw prints all over it. Cuteness personified. And also very, very warm.

Some women might be horrified by this gift, but I'm delighted. It speaks of my honey's deep and abiding love, and his concern for my well-being. Despite my self-proclaimed girly-girl status I've never been one for silky, revealing lingerie. My husband knows this; according to him, I'm cute and sexy in my fleecy cocoon, which has the added benefit of protecting him from my icicle-like appendages. Bonus!

So in answer to my questions, I'm not old, but rather practical; I live in a place where any sane, rational person with budding arthritis and cold extremities does her best to stay warm in winter, including gratefully donning a paw-printed swath of insulating fleece.

Looks like I now have a new birthday suit. And might I add that it's a damn sight warmer than the one I started with. Heh.


Nan said...

OMG- I bet you look adorable. What does kitty think? Bet she loves to sit in your fleecy lap, too.