28 May 2010

Summer = SYTYCD!

OMG - I just watched the first audition show for season 7 of SYTYCD, and I have but two words for it:

Latin. Ballroom.

It made Adam Shankman hot. It made Mia want to do a ballroom chorey. And it gave me goosebumps in a very, very nice way.

The season's off to a great start, no doubt about it. So let's hear it for summer! Boo-ya!!


Carrie Lofty said...

Are you speaking of my boy Henry, who made Top 8 on S1 of SYTYCD AUS but who has since become an OMG outrageously hot dancer?

I am SO excited to see him do well. When he was on the Aus show, he did disco, contemp, jazz, capoeira, cha-cha, salsa, house and salsa, so there's no way he won't do well in Vegas. Plus he's been dancing with Jason Gilkison's Burn the Floor for the last 18 months (and which we'll totally go see when it comes to Chicago in February). The routine he and Giselle danced was from the show, which means it's probably the only time a Jason G routine would be used to audition for SYTYCD. Oh, what a stud. He was only 20 on the Aus show, and now he's all grown up...

Here he is with Giselle doing a Burn the Floor demo on DwtS a few months ago: