20 November 2009


Those of you who follow my writings here know what emotional hell I've been through over the past couple of months. During this time, I've been trying my hardest not to let any of this personal angst spill over and affect my professional performance. Until yesterday, I thought I'd been losing that battle.

Yesterday morning I had my regular monthly meeting with my two supervisors. The purpose of this meeting is for associates to bring their managers up to date with what's happening in their jobs, mention any pain points, and talk about potential solutions. It's also a time used for reviewing performance goals and what strides associates have made toward completing them.

During my meeting, I admitted my recent troubles to my supervisors (without going into too much detail) and confessed my concerns about my performance. They reassured me that they thought I was doing a great job.

So great, in fact, that they PROMOTED ME! AGAIN!!!

As of Monday, my job title includes the word "Senior," and comes with a 6% pay increase.


I tell you, it was one heckuva shot in the arm - and a much-needed one, at that. Nice to know I don't totally suck as a person, no matter what others might think.


Nancy J. Parra said...

YAY!!! Let me reassure you, you don't ever suck as a person. I'm lucky to know you. Cheers!