07 April 2009

Vegas Vignettes: Day 2, Part 2

After our lovely breakfast, my husband and I went next door to the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood to pick up tickets for a show we were to see that afternoon. After a while I had to leave to get back to the Bellagio salon, so hubby stayed to shop (gasp!).

Let me say this for the record: a good pedicure is like heaven on earth. I had the most wonderful manicurist, and she and I chatted away quite amiably while she pampered my feet, then my hands.

Polished and primped, I met up with my husband, and we went to see Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater. Popovich, a fourth-generation Russian circus clown, has rescued dozens of pets (cats, dogs, ferrets, rats, and *geese*!) and trained them to perform in his act. Yes, even the cats! Very cute, very funny, and highly entertaining.

After the show, we ended up at P. F. Chang's for supper - more tasty adult beverages, plus potstickers!

Back at our room, as we were unwinding for the evening, we watched Quantum of Solace. Not bad, but not great. Weenie villain.

We finally collapsed around 9 p.m. local time (trying to readjust our body clocks), tired and happy. Viva Las Vegas!


Nan said...

Your vacation sounds fabulous. I am envious and yet so happy you went and recharged!