07 February 2009

Tears, Laughter, and Totally Awesome News

My boss called me into her office first thing in the morning yesterday. Given what had happened the day before (see previous post), I thought for sure I was in the soup, either for my conflict with BCIIHB or for my oversight error. So, stomach churning, I put on a brave face and went in to meet with her.

And she promptly PROMOTED ME!!!

Yep! I got an upgrade to my job title, a lovely raise which will take effect on Monday, *plus* the promise of another merit increase raise in April due to my kick-ass performance last year.

Score! And what'd I do?

I stared at my boss for a moment, slack jawed, then inexplicably got teary-eyed. My boss was a little bewildered (I believe her words were, "Do you always react to good news like this?"), but after I'd explained about the week I'd had, and that I thought I was in trouble, and that I was terribly worried about messing up a good thing, she understood. She even offered to help me with my problems, but I assured her that I needed to find a way to take care of this personality clash on my own; if I wasn't successful, only then would I take her up on her offer. She seemed pleased by this, and didn't argue the point.

After a few moments my tears gave way to giddiness, especially when my boss called in a couple of the other department supervisors and shared the good news with them. Sporting ear-to-ear grins, they promptly congratulated me and said it was "about damn time."

The official announcement will go out to the rest of the department first thing next week, but in the meantime I had to squee to my husband, who made sure he had a lovely dinner waiting for me when I got home.

Just had to share.


Nan said...

JOY!!! I am jumping up and down for you!

Have a great weekend- celebrate!