10 April 2010

Getting My Mojo Back

Magic. Mojo. The Groove.

Call it what you will, "it" has been noticeably missing from my writing life for the past...well...years. All the joy I once had for writing was totally and utterly kaput; every session at the keyboard was filled more with angst than productivity, or even enjoyment.

Ever since my divorce I've been on a journey of self-discovery. Most recently, it's been that my writing troubles do not stem from the emotional gulag that was my marriage and divorce; they go back much further, to my family of origin (FOO). Getting through this process has been akin to clawing my way through a labyrinth of thorns - horribly painful, but there's no other way out.

As a result, I'm writing again - and enjoying it. When I sit down at the keyboard, all that matters is the story in my head, and getting it out onto the screen. It's the first thing on my mind when I wake up, and even when I'm at my day job. Trust me - this hasn't happened in *years.*

Now, I'm not saying I'm cured - far from it. My Inner Editor, fueled by a lifetime of casual, hateful criticisms from my narcissistic mother, still has the power to cripple me. At least now I can recognize this roadblock for what it is; I'm becoming more and more adept at blockade running.

I suspect this will be an ongoing battle; writing, as a process, will never be as easy for me as it is for some. But it's MINE again, at least for the moment. And I couldn't be happier.

03 April 2010

Ah, Spring!

The weather has been beautiful this past week - sunny and warm. Crocus and daffodil are starting to bloom, and we winter-weary Wisconsinites are venturing out of our holes, pale-faced and pasty, to blink incredulously at the sun. Time to put away the sweaters, the wool socks, the turtlenecks and winter parkas, and bring out the capris and the - gasp! - open-toed shoes! Woohoo!

Even now I'm going through my nail polish, trying to pick out the perfect pedicure color. I can't wait!

What's your favorite facet of spring?